اسپیکار espcar
اسپیکار espcar

As a driver, it helps to be familiar with your car. However, the sad truth is that some car owners don’t even know what the basic parts of a car are. Sure, you may have a trusty mechanic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some DIY every once in a while! Here are some of the most important and basic parts of your car that you must know about: 1. Battery The battery is what powers your vehicle so that it can ignite the switch and run the motors. What’s unique about car batteries is that as you drive, the batteries recharge on their own, allowing them to last for many years without dying. 2. Fuel Injector The fuel injector is the modern counterpart of the carburetor. It transfers oil from the fuel tank to the engine for maximum performance. 3. Brake System Not just the brake pad, but the whole brake system is very crucial for safe driving. If anything is malfunctioning in your brake system, you may end up in an accident. 4. Shock Absorbers The shock absorbers keep your drive as smooth as possible by minimizing the bumps along the way. If you feel like you’re horseback riding while driving on a rough road, your shock absorbers may be worn or damaged. 5. Spark Plug This is the car’s matchstick, the tool that enables fuel to ignite. Without properly working spark plugs, you may find it difficult to start your engine or keep it running for long periods. 6. HVAC Compressor A car’s compressor works just like home air conditioning units. It’s very important to keep your compressor in good working condition especially during summer season, or else you will get toasted in your car. 7. Clutch This is the part of the car that keeps you running, so any damage to it can be detrimental. You may either run out of control or end up getting stuck in the middle of nowhere! 8. Muffler The muffler may not seem like a vital part but it’s actually more than just a gas-emitting pipe. It helps minimize the sound of your car and allows it to run quietly. 9. Transmission This connects your engine to your wheels by allowing the power and energy from the engine to make the wheels move. Now that you know some of the most important and basic car parts, make sure you inspect each and every one of them regularly. The earlier you detect problems, the easier it will be to fix them.

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